Celebrities with Alzheimer’s in the news: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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3 Responses

  1. My father died of Alzheimer’s several years ago, and my mother has dementia. We were able to keep them together in their assisted living apartment by hiring additional caregivers. Thank you for the balanced article. Alzheimer’s and dementia is affecting so many families. The more we talk and share, the better we will all be.

  2. Kim Tinoco says:

    My mother is in a mid stage of alzheimers disease.
    Sad that there is not much help or affordable assistance out there.
    We live in Hawaii.
    We need a cure for this.What a horrible disease.

  3. Murad says:

    Dad is now in his 8th year of Alzheimers. Caught it at the beginning of stage 1. No meds will make it go away. In yr #5 we itonced he shuffled just a tad while walking. Well, it gets worse. He can not walk as of 3 mo ago. Is 100% incontinent now, remembers only me, my mom, and sister by name. Barely talks, cannot converse anymore. He is entering stage 7. My advice if you have it is take vacations, write down memories to your kids, make peace with God, enjoy every sec with your family, its vital

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