Alzheimer’s advocate writes poem for Ma

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing a poem written by one of our Alzheimer’s Association advocates, Jasmeen Karan. Jasmeen and her father share the responsibility of caring for Bibi, Jasmeen’s mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 63. Jasmeen has been volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association since 2015 and has previously shared her story on our blog here and here.

Jasmeen Karan

Jasmeen Karan is a 33-year native of the Bay Area and was born and raised in San Mateo, California. The daughter of first-generation Indo-Fijian immigrants, (Asian and Pacific Islanders), Jasmeen is the descendant of indentured laborers from the Fiji Islands. She comes from an extraordinarily large family of 27 aunts, uncles, and 150 cousins. 

The poem below is Jasmeen’s first publication, which she humbly shares with the world, in Bibi’s honor.


By Jasmeen Karan, MHA

There’s so much I’ve learned, 
Wish you could see. 
So much I’ve conquered, 
Many ships I brought home safely. 

I know I told you some, 
Before you disappeared, 
I’ve softened a bit, 
In the right direction I steer. 

I am “my mom’s daughter”, 
I tell all I meet. 
I keep your spirit alive, 
And honor you endlessly. 

But I miss you, 
Each day, without your presence. 
Months and years drag on, 
Missing your essence. 

The plates you cooked, 
The way you spoke, 
Your patience and grace, 
When bullies poked. 

Jasmeen and Bibi

Barely saw you, 
You worked two jobs. 
So much Alzheimer’s, 
Quickly robbed. 

Love you, Ma, 
Your soul is rare. 
I hope you know, 
I’m always there. 

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