Riding With a Purpose on The Longest Day

Peter Daley and CyclistsIn recognition of Father’s Day we would like to thank Peter Daly for his efforts to honor his father’s memory through The Longest Day. Peter is cycling from sunrise to sunset to represent the endurance of caregivers and those that face Alzheimer’s….

Over the past 25 years I have bicycled almost every Sunday in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the San Francisco Peninsula with a group that ranges from 2 to 75 people. The ride is a social ride that can be 18 miles or 70 miles long, depending on how aggressive one wants to be, but the camaraderie of the group makes any length easy. Riders can be weekend warriors or professional riders, Moms and Dads or teenagers, fast or slow, but all enjoy the beautiful scenery and the great conversations.

On June 21, The Longest Day, I’m riding with more of a purpose: I’m riding to help fight Alzheimer’s and to make all the riders aware of the the true costs of the disease. A few of the riders have been through the ordeal of caring for a loved one as Alzheimer’s takes over their lives. I became involved with the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease when my father (a loving husband, father and successful executive) was diagnosed in early 2000. Our family watched as he devolved from a brilliant conversationalist to a quiet person much more likely to sit in a corner than the outgoing story teller we knew and loved.

So, on Sunday, June 21 a number of us will do what we do every Sunday, but this time with more of a purpose: to help educate people in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

Peter Daly
Over The Hill – Cycling Team

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