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  1. Eric Dahan says:

    I used to admire Paula for her writing and her angles on moroccan food, now I admire her for her spirit and humility. She inspires me.

  2. A beautiful, meaningful message — and a messenger to match. Thank you, Paula!

  3. Silvia Carry says:

    Just watched your video. You are an inspiration for all of us who are 75 and , from time to time have mild senior moments that cause a twinge of worry. You are a fighter and your attitude (along with whatever treatment – if any- was prescribed by your doctor) definitely MUST have something to do with you remaining steady.
    Remaining steady is super great. Heck! remaining steady until they find the cure is FANTASTIC….You go girl!
    BTW I practice Qigong , it saved my back, my shoulders and a variety of ailments related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I have managed to arrest without even painkillers.
    Keep up the good work, and keep us posted. You are fighting the right fight

  4. Nancy Jones says:

    I read your article in our local, Sacramento Bee regarding your challenge of cognitive decline. I had this happening myself. I started taking “Bacopa”a supplement for the brain. But more importantly, started to change my diet. I now prepare a “Nourishing Bone Soup”, using either whole organic chicken or grass fed beef bones and a chuck steak for the beef addition. The broth with bones and any added spices and organic veggie additions are placed on a pot, covered with water and simmered for 18-24 hours. This allows for all the nutrients to be drawn from the bine marrow, like gelatin, minerals and

  5. Nancy Jones says:

    I read your Washington Post article in “Cognitive Decline”. I started having brain fog and memory lapses shortly after I underwent a comlete hysterectomy for uterine cancer. I started taking a supplement for the brain called “Bacopa” which helps alot. Then I started preparing and taking a “nourishing bone soup” that has also helping so much. It requires using grass fed beef bones, and another cut of beef and spices and organic veggies for the broth. Organic chicken can be used as well. The meat is cooked initially and taken out after it’s cooked. Place cooked meat in refrigerator and take bones and place back into broth and cook for 18-24 hours. This allows the nutrients, gelatin and vitamins and minerals to be drawn out into the broth. Then this broth is strained and good green organic vegetables like kale, chard, onions, squash, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and celery to the broth. This soup is then taken one cup every two hours. Do not add corn, potatoes, pasta, rice or carrots. The goal is to eat this diet everyday for ten days and stay away from sugar, carbs and sweet fruits. As a reference read Dr. Perlmutter’s book “Grain Brain”. His studies show a direct connection between a diet high in carbohydrates that cause the brain to shrink, leading to dementia and early Alzheimer’s. Please take a look at this information when you can. It fits in with issues your experiencing. I am much better, I also have other supplements I take to slow the aging process along with the nourishing bone soup which I eat almost everyday. I hope you give it a try and incorporate it into your daily diet. The broth, veggies and cooked meat are all put together and taken every two hours. The high protien in the soup nourishes and helps stop muscle wasting. I hope I gear back from you and hope you try it….you will feel great after 5days or so……

  6. Bill Burk says:

    Thanks Paula, after retiring from 26 years of a medical career, and on 5 medicines myself, I began having memory problems which none of my doctor friends could help with. The only option was nutrition, something medicine knew nothing of in 2001. We only had 1 hour of nutrition training in Medical School. Herbs were looked at as a waste of time. Something in Spirit said there must be a better way, and the new journey began.
    The new beginning was felt after finding the full spectrum of 71 plant based colloidal minerals. The nutritional key of the “bone soup” is minerals. The reason only a few of us suffer from “grain brain” is explained by genetics. The next major key was the 6 different genetic diets, by Dr, D’Adamo. Each genetic type has different body system weaknesses, some have heart problems while others have brain troubles, others bone and joint trouble, etc.
    The sensitivities and weakens of our 6 body systems all share a common depletion of minerals. Minerals carry electrical information, just like house wiring. The wrong foods simply strip out minerals. Our food supply, including organic, does not contain these “trace minerals”. Even those who know about these missing elements, find they are extremely expensive to add to the soil. The cheapest way to add them is supplements. The results are magical. Bill

  7. Crista Dawlett says:

    Paula you are amazing! You are going to make a difference for all the people who are and will be suffering from this disease. You are correct we need to speak up and get the facts out there. The government needs to get on board because it wont be long until everyone’s family is touched by this disease. There is nobody that is immune. Anyway I think you are fantastic! I think your husband is as well and I wish you a long happy and healthy life. I will pray for you. I also totally believe the food intake is key and I believe you are doing exactly what you should so you will be around a long time. Much Love & Respect. Crista Dawlett

  8. ejo says:

    just saw your interview segment on the PBS evening news hour (11-26-13) and it has effectively shifted my emotional response to my own early onset from shame and humiliation and wanting to hide, to a decision for hope, courage and advocacy. thank you for being such a ‘lovely militant’!

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