Today’s heros: Our Early Stage Support Group

Leave a comment below to let us know about the everyday heroes in your life! In honor of Alzheimer’s Action Day on September 21, we are highlighting 21 Everyday Heroes. Today, we’re rounding out our last heroes by highlighting the amazing people with Early Stage Alzheimer’s in one of our support groups. This extraordinary group meets to support each other, share stories, give advice — but they are passionate about raising awareness of what it’s like to have this disease. We’ll be featuring content on our blog from them as they tell us what they want everyone to know about Alzheimer’s. For starters, they answer the question “What advice would you give someone who was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?” Here’s what they have to say:

  • Find a group! You be able to learn from others, identify with what others are talking about and feel supported by the group. It’s an opportunity to speak openly and honestly.
  • Talk to a physician about Alzheimer’s disease and make sure they do a brain scan
  • At the beginning, we felt: Anger – didn’t want to tell everyone; Denial – thinking it will go away; Vulnerability – my role was taken away from me; Sadness – I didn’t think it was true
  • Just give yourself time and freedom
  • Keep trying, even on the rough days
  • This disease is challenging
  • Routine can be comforting
  • It’s not going to go away
  • Go with the flow

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    My hero my Dear Mami, Concha Amador <3

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