New! Dementia and Driving Resource Center launches

The Dementia and Driving Resource Center is a new section on designed to provide information and support to persons with Alzheimer’s and their families about the issue of driving. This site was created with support from a grant from the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Driving represents freedom and independence for many people and facing the loss of driving privileges can be especially challenging for individuals with dementia and their families. Located with the Safety Center, this new section includes: Four different videos depicting families having the conversation about driving, links to alternate driving resources, tips on recognizing when driving is no longer safe, how to obtain a driving evaluation and much more. The Dementia and Driving Resource Center is located at:

You can watch the videos below:

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2 Responses

  1. DementiaLife says:

    Driving could be dangerous, but not for all of the people suffering with dementia. There are some people that still can handle it responsibly.

  2. Because dementia affects each person differently, caregivers and professionals play an important role in observing driving behaviors over time. A comprehensive driving evaluation by a specially-trained occupational therapist can help determine whether or not drivers with dementia are safe to continue driving.

    But is good begin discussions and planning early if you feel necessary.

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