Alzheimer’s Caregiving – There’s An App For That!

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  1. Norma says:

    I am president of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association ( May we re-print this page in our newsletter?

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Norma J Stumbo, Ph.D., CTRS, FALS

  2. Don says:

    Are these apps available on the Android Market?

  3. Check out the new IPAD and IPAD MINI App called “MY MEMORY APP”. Now available on ITUNES, it is an app for people who have Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia, aphasia, Autism, developmental delay. All conditions characterized by impaired working memory.
    The App is endorsed by doctors, speech-language pathologists, and special education professionals. This is a “”””must have” app for people with Alzheimers.

  4. Lee Blattner says:

    Want information about Wandering/Tracking GPS for Dementia patients.

  5. shiva says:

    came to know about many apps which are useful for music, gps, food.

  6. Sarah says:


    I recently developed an app called Stimulate Dementia. It helps those with dementia be able to use Youtube to watch their favorite entertainers and some nature videos. It also offers a Q and A section to remind them of key pieces of information (with the use of simple flashing text and while listening to classical music). It can help even with advanced dementia because it requires very little of the user. Their loved one can set it up for them and they can just enjoy it. You can check out the app’s website at and download it for yourself. You can email for a promo code to download it for free. Please consider adding it to the list of apps that you recommend for dementia patients. Thanks, Sarah

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