Technology Tools for Family Caregivers

Watch this terrific session on technology tools for caregivers from our 2015 Circle of Care Conference presented by Christina Irving, LCSW, Family Caregiver Alliance. Topics covered include privacy, choosing a technology, direct care, home and safety, and community tools.

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  1. Sara says:

    I find it interesting that most of the people with Alzheimer’s there is only one person out of the couple that has it. There seems to be one person in the couple that doesn’t get it while the other person does.

  2. My name is Marietta Harris. My mother had Alzheimer and because of my experience I have written a book sharing my experience from a caregivers prespective. It is called, “The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, a caregiver’s story.” On April 2 I will have a book signing at “THE BOOK SHOP” located at 1007 B Street, Hayward CA. I have worked with the Alzherimer’s Association not only in America but also in italy. Maria Shriver supports my book. My goal is to help care givers understand how this disease will affect them.

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