Meet our outstanding 2014 Young Researcher Award winners

Every year, the Alzheimer’s Association, Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter organizes our Researchers’ Symposium. Organized by our volunteer Medical and Scientific Council, this is a unique event in which leading researchers from across our Chapter convene at a research institution that rotates every year to report on their latest research, share ideas and network. This year, the event was held at Stanford University. One of the highlights of the event is granting awards to young researchers in the field. Meet four of this year’s recipients in the following videos – I think you’ll agree that we have a lot of reason to hope for the future of Alzheimer’s disease research!

Raquel Gardner, UCSF and San Francisco VA

Eva Czirr, Stanford 

Sakura Minami, Gladstone Institutes

Anna Gillespie, Gladstone Institutes

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