2012 Top 5 Blog Stories of the Year



As 2012 comes to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our top 5 blog stories of the year:

Research: Oxygen Therapy for Alzheimer’s? This story summarized the basics about hyperbaric oxygen treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, which was highlighted during the very popular Dr. Oz show.

Caregiver Tips: How can we manage difficult behaviors? This story was a re-cap of session at our education conference in Napa.

Personal Profile: Susan has Alzheimer’s – but she’s fighting back! This story is written by Susan, a woman who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at just 53 years old.

Caregiver Story: Angie. Pretty much every blog entry by Angie was widely read and commented on.

Events: Celebrities turn out for Seth Rogen’s Alzheimer’s fundraiser. This star-studded event was a favorite from January.


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