With Walk around the corner, dreams about Mom start to change

In less than a month, thousands of people will gather in San Francisco for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, so I’m in a frame of mind that is slightly off topic.

Sherrie, Alzheimer’s Advocate, Caregiver, and Walk to End Alzheimer’s participant

Therefore, this entry is not about something I just read regarding the latest drug that has promise or the one that failed. It’s not about hounding you to write another letter or make one more phone call to insist that lawmakers fund more research or vote for legislation that makes living with Alzheimer’s more bearable. Instead, this is about my mother.

It could be that because the Walk to End Alzheimer’s is just around the corner, my dreams of my mom – who died in 2000 and for whom I had cared for many long years – are more present.

The good news is that these dreams don’t often leave me feeling distressed. In fact, in last night’s dream, my mother was better – she still had Alzheimer’s, but she was functioning. Together, we looked at a picture of her in younger years with her flowing curly dark hair and I convinced her to continue to color the gray! She agreed. As all dreams go, this one had many fluid moments, many of which made no sense at all, but my mother was not in total despair, and as her caregiver, neither was I. Believe me, that is progress!

Over the years, my mother has taken center stage in lots of my nocturnal journeys. Perhaps, because of the time of year, my most recent dream expresses my ultimate hope (and belief) that scientists absolutely will find a cure or at least better ways to treat Alzheimer’s. When? I don’t know. But, I believe that is in our future.

One way I can make a difference – and you can too – is to walk with us this month. Once there, you can be sure that I will convince you to become a registered advocate for the cause!

Plus, I’ll remember my mom, as I do every day. I know many of you will be remembering those you have loved, too.

Visit www.alz.org/walk to find one of many walks throughout the country.