On a personal note: Bonny and David Morley

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6 Responses

  1. Diana Aldrich says:

    I know Dave and Bonny and consider it a great honor to be part of their journey. Bonny is so gracious in her sharing; Dave is a great support to, not just Bonny, but to those who may find themselves walking a similar path.

  2. Leanne Wiese says:

    Remarkable people do remarkable things but Bonny and Dave not only continue being remarkable people but continue being so in the face of thier life’s tough challenge. They possess extraordinary spirits of devotion and commitment and are the kind of people most of us want to grow up to be.

  3. Ann and Dick McFarland says:

    “Dave & Bonny are wonderful people.
    We are fortunate to have them in our lives.”
    Dick & Ann McFarland

  4. Lucille Dean says:

    Today is my birthday. Bonny and David are fellow dragons, but we’re really big pussy cats. Bonny is my quilting mentor and David makes it all possible!

  5. Carol Hill Olmstead says:

    The Morleys have been wonderful role models, mild mannered, happy, responsible and faithful to all of their life commitments since I met them in the 1980’s. March 31, 2011, I said my last “goodbye” to my mother, Florence Hill, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1996. As accomplished and caring as Mother has been, receiving many well earned honors for her volunteer efforts in countless community activities during her lifetime, she was not so gracious as Bonny is during her decline with this disease. I hope to be supportive of Dave and Bonny as they move along this path, having walked it myself 3 times with other family members myself already.

  6. David Austin says:

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