Why I Walk: Madeleine’s story

Madeleine1I am Madeleine and I’m walking to help my Grandmother who has had Alzheimer’s for 13 years and it’s really severe now. Whenever we go see her, it’s always nice to give her a hug, but she always has that lost look in her eyes.

My school, Claire Lilienthal, has nine grades, and I thought we could get a lot of donations from friends and even people we don’t know, and maybe even get some people to join our team, which has happened.

So I got my friend, Helena, to work with me and we talked to all of the third through eighth grade classes about the Walk and started the Claire Lilienthal Alzheimer’s Walk Challenge so they could raise money to try to win a purple popsicle party. It was fun even though sometimes I was a little nervous talking to the older kids. Lots of the students raised their hands when we asked them if they had someone they knew with Alzheimer’s, so this is important to everyone!

-Madeleine, Walk to End Alzheimer’s team member

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