Why I Walk: Laura’s story

Here’s a story from our Walk participant Laura, who walks in honor and memory of her dad and in support of all those families currently going through the Alzheimer’s journey and those that will in the future! Thank you, Laura, for your support and passion!

Me with Mom and Dad

Me with Mom and Dad

I walk for numerous reasons. When I first started walking in the Alzheimer’s walks, I walked to honor my dad, Ron Redding. Now I walk to not only honor my dad, but in memory of him as well. He was my hero and was loved so much by my mom, family and friends. My dad was a young and very active 64 years old when he passed away. He will forever be in our hearts.

I walk because I hate this disease. It is cruel and takes everything away from the victim and the ones who love them. Anyone would tell you I was daddy’s little girl. Eventually, I became a girl whose face he did not recognize. What a heartbreaking experience for a child, a wife, a husband or a loved one to ever have to go through. Although Alzheimer’s took all of my dad’s memories, it left our family with only sad ones. I pray daily that a cure for this disease will be found.

I walk to raise money because I fear that I, or one of my children will have Alzheimer’s one day. A cure must be found. I cannot imagine putting my loved ones through the agony that my entire family went through. Hopefully a cure will be found and Alzheimer’s will be a disease of the past.

Lastly, I walk to support all of the current, as well as future victims and families of this most horrific disease. I hope that the money raised helps them get the resources and support they need. Joining them in this walk also helps them know they are not alone. Alzheimer’s can make a person feel alone and changes one’s life forever.

These are the reasons I walk.

– Laura

Donate to Laura’s Team: Team Redding

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  1. erin stone says:

    THANK YOU Laura and everyone in your family who is so committed to our mission. Team Redding is a testament to what love, family and passion can accomplish. ~Erin Stone

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