Alzheimer’s Researcher Symposium in San Francisco: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

The third session of the day featured presentations on research in the area of cellular and molecular neuroscience – this portion of the day was packed with give research presentations!

Robert Mahley, MD, Ph.D., Gladstone Institutes presents “Small molecule structure correctors abolish detrimental effects of apolipoprotein E4 associated with Alzhiemer’s disease and traumatic brain injury.”



Patricia Spilman, Ph.D., Buck Institute presents “Symptomatic and disease-modifying effects on an AD mouse model from a dual-receptor-binding drug.”




Katrin Andreasson, Ph.D., Stanford University presents “Inflammatory prostaglandin signaling in models of AD”




Li Gan, Ph.D., Gladstone Institutes presents “Tau acetylation: new insights into pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s”




Kurt Giles, DPhil, UCSF presents “Purified and synthetic AB aggregates are prions”

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    Such a great post about Alzheimer. This will really help people to be aware on this kind of disease.

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