Tracy and Jen: A Love Story

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4 Responses

  1. I am the brother of Tracy and Jen’s favorite brother in law, LOL. I love them dearly and hold them in highest regard. I started to watch these video clips at work and had to stop because I couldn’t stop crying. Tracy and Jen are an inspiration not only to me but to all that know them. If everyone was like them then paradise would be a reality.

  2. Darlene & Bruce Johnson says:

    Hi Jen & Tracy, thanks for sharing your beautiful love story. I’m sure you know that Bruce has Alzheimers. Jen you have such a fabulous outlook on everything, and I know you and Tracy will be together forever. Our thoughts and love go with you. Please take care.

    Love you.

  3. Heather Mazza says:

    Hey Jen and Tracy, I love you guys! I loved watching your videos and I want you to know I am so happy to call you my friends : )

  4. Jill Ferreter says:

    Jennifer who has the most generous spirit of anyone and Tracy who has the biggest heart of anyone I know….what do you get when they come together? Exactly what Lance said. Paradise! They are without a doubt one of the strongest couples I know. I love you both.

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