A few tips for long distance caregivers

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  1. Cathy Murphy says:

    Long-distance caregiving is very common. Many of our clients’ families live out-of-state, so our caregivers keep in close contact with the family member who is overseeing their loved one’s care. The strategies you suggested here are really important when formulating a care plan. Thanks for sharing this information!

    Cathy Murphy, Home Instead Senior Care, San Francisco

  2. Lacey Smith says:

    My Aunt went through a terribly rough time caring after her mother before she died from cancer. She had a very hard time accepting what was happening to her mother and as her mother got worse, she became harder to take care of. She wasn’t trained to be that type of caregiver. Of course she had children and cared after a family, but what she experienced with her mother was completely different. It was heart breaking to watch, and my aunt slipped in to a very deep depression. Even after her mother passed away, it was hard for her to even get out of bed. She finally went to talk to someone and it was recommended to her to read a book called “Waking Up: Climbing Through the Darkness” by Terry Wise http://terrywise.com.

    It helped her get through her tough time, and now she recommends it to anyone who might be faced with care giving, PTSD, Depression or any other personal issues along those lines. These things can take a real toll on someone and for her, she talks about how it was nice to read a book that actually helps!

  3. Lydelle says:

    Care giving is a very difficult task, there is no doubt about it. I work for a home care agency and often times we’re picked up by folks who’ve tried their best to give it a shot but find it very taxing on an emotional level and understandably so.

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