The Longest Day: An event with maximum flexibility

The Longest Day
Date: June 21, or whenever you want
Length: Up to you
Location: Wherever you want
Number of team members: One or more
Type of event: Whatever you enjoy
Number of events: As many as you want
Purpose: Raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, care and support

While the beauty of The Longest Day is its flexibility, sometimes that can make it a bit challenging to explain. In these short videos, Steven Krzanowski, The Longest Day Manager, will help you learn how to get started. Together, we can get closer to our ultimate goal: the first survivor of Alzheimer’s.

What is The Longest Day?

What types of activities are others in our chapter doing?

Having a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other special occasion?
Ask for donations in lieu of a gift.

But how do I turn my hobby into a fundraiser?
Steven helps Arthur figure it out.

The Longest Day is June 21. What if I’m not available that day?

Register for The Longest Day by June 5 to get your t-shirt before June 21. Once you register, you will have access to an online participant center and a variety of tools to support you.

Our staff and volunteers are ready to answer your questions and give you tips. For additional information, reach out to Steven Krzanowski, The Longest Day Manager, at 415.463.8507 or

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