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International Symposium on Dementia Prevention and Care
While the majority of our chapter’s activities are focused in northern California and northern Nevada, occasionally we are asked to share our learnings with others from across the country or around the world. Last fall, Peining Chang, our Community Outreach Manager, spoke at the International Symposium on Dementia Prevention and Care, whose theme was “Building Dementia Friendly Communities.”

Peining receiving appreciation for her contributions

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare hosted the Symposium, which was organized by Silver Linings Global. Peining was honored to be invited to present some of our innovative programs to leaders in the field. Taiwan is one of 30 countries to have developed

a national plan to address Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. These plans elevate Alzheimer’s as a national priority and provide the framework for overcoming this growing epidemic.

California and Nevada innovations shared
Peining had the opportunity to tell the Symposium attendees about several of our current programs. She highlighted our collaborative projects focused on:

“Through participating in this conference, I shared our experiences and introduced our innovative projects to the professionals and general public in Taiwan. Audience members expressed how much they learned and how excited they were to hear some of the advanced thinking on providing services and programs to families living with dementia.”

Peining and her fellow panelists

Coming home inspired
While Peining went to Taiwan to share our learnings, she appreciated the opportunity to learn from others as well. Taiwan has recently established Integrated Dementia Care Centers in a few communities. Peining learned how they collaborate with local governments, key community partners and volunteers to connect people with dementia warning signs with supports through the new Centers. Peining reported that she was “inspired to hear how communities can be mobilized to work together to find the families living with dementia, connect them with resources that will help them, provide continuous care and support to empower them, and create a community where everyone knows how to help a person with dementia.”

A global epidemic
Worldwide, an estimated 47 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. If no prevention or treatment is found, that number is expected to grow to 131.5 million by 2050. We believe it is critical to collaborate with other organizations and governments on research, advocacy and best practices for care and support. Peining noted that “no matter where we are from, we are in this fight together. We all have the same goals: to help improve quality of life for families living with dementia, and bring hope and warmth for their journey. With the dedication, compassion, knowledge and joint efforts such as this Symposium, we will make a difference.”

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