Rick’s Tin Cuppers Tee Up to #ENDALZ for The Longest Day

Ricks Tin CuppersI lost my wife of 37 years, Susie, to this terrible disease in 2008. She was diagnosed at age 51 and died at age 61″¦ way too young for her life to end! Since her diagnosis in 1998 I have worked tirelessly to help bring an end to this disease. My 2 daughters (Shannon and Ericka ) and I as a family have raised more than $300,000 in that time for the Alzheimer’s Association. Primarily we raised the money by soliciting friends and family via email and social media to support our team in The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. My daughter Ericka actually worked for the Association for 10 years as director of Special Events and I served on the Board of Directors of the Association’s Northern California/Northern Nevada Chapter for 6 years. I currently serve on various committees of the Association and am the Chairperson of this year’s Longest Day. I decided last year to engage my friends and family in support of the Alzheimer’s Association and formed a Longest Day Team (Rick’s Tin Cuppers) to play a 4 ball scramble of golf with as many people as possible from sunrise to sunset.

We (my wife Euna Roh, Harrison and Gloria Baker and long ball hitter Mark McDonald) played a total of 54 holes of golf and had 12 scores below par during that time. The Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch provided carts and free rounds of golf for all the participants. We asked friends and family via the Longest Day web site and email to pledge a donation of $1 for every hold played and $5 for every score under par. We raised more than $1700 and hope to do even better this year with more participants and more money raised.

It was a wonderful day and all the staff at the golf course were very friendly and enthusiastic. We were excited that the 5 of us raised that much money and had so much fun doing it and hope many more join us this year!

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