Alexandria Hobbs, Granddaughter, Walker, Volunteer

During National Volunteer Week and all year long, we wish to celebrate the stories of our dedicated and hard-working volunteers. This is the story of Alexandria Hobbs, granddaughter, walker, volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association:

Alexandria HobbsI walk for my grandmother who is still fighting Alzheimer’s disease after escaping from a communist country, raising two beautiful children as they moved around the world, and instilling faith and passion in her two grandchildren. I walk for my family who has suffered alongside her, working as professionals and parents, as students and friends, and most often as caregivers. I walk so that I can bring HOPE to a world where every 67 seconds someone develops this devastating disease. I began my journey in 2014 walking and fundraising. I quickly moving into a position on the walk committee as the marketing and outreach chair because I wanted to do more. I wanted to feel that same sense of hope I feel on walk day throughout the year. I wanted to connect with our community listening to their stories, giving them knowledge and resources, volunteering with those suffering from Alzheimer’s and their families. Sharing an optimism for the future that can only be obtained through passion, perseverance, and the color purple. It is not the story of one person, it is the story of a world trying to eradicate despair and darkness in the wake of a devastating disease through HOPE; that is why I walk to end Alzheimer’s.

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