Memories in the Making: The Lighthouse by Alice

The Lighthouse by Alice "Sue" W

The Lighthouse by Alice “Sue” W

Memories in the Making is an Alzheimer’s Association art therapy program for individuals with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Volunteer facilitators help people with dementia – many of whom often have no art background – create drawings and paintings. These sessions provide participants social interaction and boost their self-esteem while opening the channels of communication with loved ones.

Today’s featured Memories in the Making artist is Alice. Alice hails from Chicago, Illinois. She was a teacher and raised five children. She has 3 grandchildren. She also took care of nine St. Bernards over the years. Alice love to paint in Memories In the Making watercolor group and has produced many fine paintings that people love to look at. She also likes to read and appreciates a good turn around the dance floor.

Alice’s painting is just one of the many works of art that will be auctioned off at our annual Memories in the Making Art & Wine Auction, held this year on March 7 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. In addition to work by Memories in the Making artists, the silent and live auction selection will include fine wines, unique experiences and luxury items.

Visit to purchase tickets and learn more.

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  1. Working with various forms of art and music is one of the best forms of therapy for people living with Alzheimer’s in my opinion. I have seen some truly remarkable results from this approach and I hope more adapt it.

    This painting is incredible! I hope to see more paintings from Alice in the future, do you ever feature the same artist’s work?

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