Should my loved one with Alzheimer’s be on meds?

We wanted to share a handout we use often when people call our Helpline asking about medications. This document, written for us by pharmacists and physicians from UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center, reviews the medications commonly prescribed for the management of Alzheimer’s and many of the difficult behaviors associated with the disease, such as agitation, sun downing, anxiety and depression. It includes information about side effects and safety of these medications for people with the Alzheimer’s and we think is a great tool for any caregiver considering treatment for a loved one with the disease! Remember: thoughtful consideration of non-medication approaches to managing a problem behavior is important before considering drug therapy. PDF document: Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Medication

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  1. Marko Lebel says:

    I forgot to mention, or to ask what has happened to my requested grant from the Alzheimer’s Association for my request to do the research on the research…?

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