World Alzheimer’s Month: I have dementia, not the plague!

In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Month in September, we’re highlighting Alzheimer’s stories from around the world. Today, we have a poem from Norm, who lives in the UK. Norm lives with dementia and blogs about his experience here: Norm’s Blog.

I Haven’t Got the Plague

As I walked through town today, I saw a friendly face,
But as he walked towards me, he then walked past with pace, 
I’m sure that he had seen me, and saw my friendly wave,
I’ve only got Dementia, and not Bubonic plague”¦
Why do people treat me so, why are they so cruel”¦
I’m just the same as them, not some bumbling fool,
Some are friends I have known, all my working life,
Who used to chat and laugh, to both me and my wife”¦
But now most of them act as if I don’t exist”¦
And all the good times that we had are just a distant mist”¦
I still laugh and I still cry, and still know that they’re there,
Even when they ignore me, without a fleeting care”¦
But at least I know now who really my friends”¦are”¦
And ones that I can trust, right up to the end”¦
So to those friends I have lost, I say to one and all”¦
I hope the dementia demon, never comes to call”¦

Another Summer Over

Another Summer Nearly Over
Another summer nearly over,
Another summer nearly done,
As we stroll into the autumn,
I look back at what I’ve done,
Has my disease progressed?
Has my Dementia got worse?
Will there ever be a cure,
To rid me of this curse,
I wake up every morning,
And fight through every day,
Praying that this illness,
Will one day go away?
But when I go to bed,
Each and every night,
The reality of it is,
Tomorrow’s another fight,
So all stand with me please,
Be proud of what you’ve done,
Let us pray together,
Of better times to come

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much my friends, awareness raising is such an important thing in the fight against this awful disease, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Patricia Zglinski says:

    Norm is a friend of mine from “across the pond”. What a Hero he is. He spends his days and nights fighting for a cure and for awareness. I have never actually met Norm but we are in touch through Alzheimer’s sites on Facebook. My Mother lost her fight with Alzheimer’s this past January. God Rest her soul.

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