We’re gonna raise $3 million through Walk!

It’s only February and work on Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2012 is in full swing!  While I’m busy travelling across the chapter meeting with volunteers and staff to set our walk fundraising goals, your local walk manager has been busy getting the walk website up and running. That’s right, Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2012 is officially open to register and start your fundraising! We are excited about some new online tools we have this year and we hope you’ll hop online and get registered today.

I think 2012 is going to be a banner year for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s here in Northern California and Northern Nevada. We’re adding three new walks this year – Walnut Creek, Stockton, and Merced – bringing our total to 14 Walks!  I’m meeting individually with the volunteer walk committees in all 14 locations to set a fundraising goal for each walk.

We involve volunteers in this process so they are committed to the goal and committed to helping us achieve it. Our Chapter historically has some of the most successful walks in the country and it looks like this year we are on course for continued success. The San Francisco walk has set a goal of $1.2 million with $1 million of that coming solely from walkers (the other $200,000 is in corporate sponsorship). This will be a record amount of walker fundraising nationwide and we’ll be giving our walkers a huge pat on the back when they reach this milestone. Overall, our chapter hopes to achieve over $3 million in Walk fundraising!

I love the goal setting process because it really gets me fired up for my own fundraising.  It may seem to some like we just finished the 2011 Walks, but for me (as I think it is for many others) walk is a year round event.  When we set the fundraising goal for each walk, I find myself thinking about my personal fundraising goal. Can I do more than I did last year? Who am I going to ask to join my team this year? How can we raise more money together? Every year as volunteers set the bar high for the walk, I’m encouraged to set my own sights even higher. I’m ready to register, form my team, start planning my team event, post my first ask to my facebook page and send out my fundraising letter. I know that if I start now, I can definitely achieve my personal fundraising goal and in turn help my local walk achieve the overall walk goal.

I hope you’ll join us at the 2012 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in your community.  Register to today, set your personal goal and aim high!

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    Your article inspired me into action! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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