Why I Walk: A Family Reunion

Daniel Ramos is participating in the Silicon Valley Walk to End Alzheimer’s in honor of his mother, who is currently living with Alzheimer’s Disease. He has turned the event into a family reunion, creating a team of 125 people. Read our interview with Daniel below. 

Why did you decide to get involved with Walk this year?

I have participated in many Walks in the past and I knew I wanted to do it again to honor my mom.

Tell us about your mom.

My mom has 9 kids, thirty grandkids and over fifteen great-grandkids. She was a single mom raising all 9 of us. My mother took care of her mother, who passed away from Alzheimer’s. She and her sisters took turns going back to Mexico every year. She worked 2 or 3 jobs to put a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs, and never complained about any of it. Whatever it took, she made it happen. It is now our turn to take care of her.

How were you able to get everyone to participate?

I think it is important that we are there as a family to support my mom. I reached out to my brothers and sisters and they reached out to their kids, who then reached out to their kids.

I was really impressed with the response I got within a week or two. We have local family coming, as well as family from Oregon and Southern California. We are going to have t-shirts made and have lunch for everyone.

This will be a celebration in honor of my mom and a way to educate the family on Alzheimer’s. At the Walk my siblings will be able to interact with others going through what we are going through. It will be good for the younger generation to see what is happening too.

What have you learned from this experience so far?

I have really taken the time to educate myself through reading books as well as going to these Walks and talking to other caregivers and friends who are going through a similar experience. It is helpful to know what to expect with each stage of this disease.

We are fortunate to provide my mom the care she deserves, and it has brought us closer as a family. It has been a struggle and as a man it makes me look at life differently. It has definitely been an eye opener.

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