On a Personal Note… Why I Walk by Margo Reis

Margo will be walking in the Modesto Walk to End Alzheimer’s on September 10th. She joins thousands of people, all walking with a purpose, who are participating in the 19 Walks throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada. To find your nearest Walk, go to alz.org/walk.

The person I am walking for came into my life when I was fifteen. My father had walked out on my brother and my mom and me. I was heartbroken and devastated. Andy came into our lives and spread sunshine, healed our wounds and as far as I was concerned, he was and is MY HERO.

I remember the first time I met him he took my mom and me to lunch. I laughed so hard the whole time from his jokes and stories I could not even eat. My stomach hurt so much and I cried from laughing so hard. It was a great day. It was a great beginning to a great new life.

Two years later Andy stood proudly by me as I graduated from high school then went away to college. He then stood by me when I returned home after discovering UC Berkeley Pre-Med was not what I wanted to do. A few years later Andy acted as cameraman at EMS day during my graduation week from Paramedic school and stood by as I graduated from DVC with the president (my mother) shaking my hand and handing me my diploma.

In 1998 he walked me down the aisle as I married the love of my life and has continued to stand by me through everything. Recently Andy gave me words of advice and cheered me on when I was sure (on numerous occasions) that going back to Nursing School in my 40’s was a bad idea! I worked really hard to get straight A’s in Nursing School to receive the Academic Excellence Award… I wanted to make sure he would have another chance to stand proudly by as I graduated, which I did”¦

And now when I picture him I am sure I can hear him humming and singing with my mom while they are having breakfast in the morning. I never knew how much I loved the song “The Way You Look Tonight” until I heard my dad sing it! That infectious smile and sweetness. It makes me smile and warms my heart. And there is absolutely nothing in the world like the feeling when I walk in the room and see his entire face and being light up!!!

So on September 10th I am walking for my Pops. He doesn’t know I am doing the walk. He doesn’t know I am walking for him. But I know he knows I love him with all my heart! FIND A CURE!!!

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  1. XXXMA says:

    You make our lives better all the time with your warm smile and genuine love.

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