1 in 3 Seniors Dies with Alzheimer’s

The 2013 Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s Disease Facts & Figures report was released today!  1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Share the facts. Change the future.

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  1. Gabsus says:

    Alzheimer disease, Dementia is not a epidemic. There comes other points together. The first there is our social life system. We are to fast, doing all the things in the daily life, also for that people, they can not do this fast, or right, like we do.We take all doing away from this human. We are good in the brain, because we are always in training. But we take away all the things from the daily life. And the other has nothing to do. They think, I do wrong. So the human has fear, is angry, has stress, depression, only a little himself, because the other, we, are faster, better. And so the human has less information from the eyes, ears, mouth, feeling with the hands, fingers, skin, less input for his brain. The brain cells and connecting in his brain, the building from biochemicals in the brain are less. And so the brain cells go down. Also the biochemicals, they are the key for the brain cells. The body feeling goes down, the movement goes down and so are more information in less. We are doing all the thing for this human. But it will be better. We must have to change the social life style. I am a therapist for a long time, I wrote a book.You have questions, please contact me.

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