Memories in the Making: The Consequence of Life by David

The Consequence of Life by David

Memories in the Making is an Alzheimer’s Association art therapy program for individuals with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Volunteer facilitators help people with dementia – many of whom often have no art background – create drawings and paintings. These sessions provide participants social interaction and boost their self-esteem while opening the channels of communication with loved ones.

Today’s featured Memories in the Making artist is David. David is a man of many talents. Not only is he skilled at painting and drawing, but he has a talent in music as well. He has been a musician for over 25 years and was a member of blue grass, country western and country rock bands. He went through mechanical engineering courses in college and worked throughout his career as an army officer.  He has one son of whom he is very proud and with whom he shares his creative skills.

David’s painting is just one of the many works of art that will be auctioned off at our annual Memories in the Making Art & Wine Auction, held this year on March 2 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. In addition to work by Memories in the Making artists, the silent and live auction selection will include fine wines, unique experiences and luxury items.

Visit to purchase tickets and learn more.

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  1. Lou A. Bordisso says:

    Dear Companions and Friends,
    I am writing a new book pertaining to the spiritual journeys related to Alzheimer’s or a related memory diagnosis. I want to document your story in the book. You have the option of contributing your story either anonymously or by name. It is your choice. You will be given the opportunity to be interviewed by telephone, submitting a written story, or in person, if possible. With your permission, your photo might be included with your story in the book.
    The intent of the book is to inspire and empower others who are new to the Alzheimer’s and memory challenged community and their care providers. Your personal experience could make a very meaningful contribution now and for generations to come!
    For more information, please contact Dr. Lou A. Bordisso, Ed.D. at Contact telephone is: (925) 286-8078 or voicemail (707) 554-2803.

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