Part 2: News/notes from Alzheimer’s Association Researchers’ Symposium at Stanford

Before breaking for lunch, the room full of 150 Alzheimer’s researchers and scientists heard from a group of presenters about the latest in clinical and translational neuroscience. Presenters included Dr. Lea Grinberg from UCSF, who was  funded by the Alzheimer’s Association in 2009. Read more about her research at Following is a summary of the most recent presenters:

Kate Possin, UCSF presents "Getting lost for different reasons: navigation impairments in neurodegenerative disease measured using methods translated from rodent models"

Frank Longo, Stanford University presents "Targeting neurotrophin signaling mechanisms for Alzheimer's disease therapeutics











Lea Grinberg, UCSF presents "How ethnicity impacts the clinical threshold in Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia"


Julie Kuo, UC Davis presents 'Neurobiological and early life predictors of verbal practice effects in the elderly










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