It’s National Volunteer Week: Meet Dawn and Jim

Our National Volunteer Week coverage continues with two more volunteers who make Alzheimer’s a mission possible: Dawn and Jim.

Dawn has lost loved ones to Alzheimer’s, she is the primary caregiver for her mother in law who has Alzheimer’s disease, she leads a Walk to End Alzheimer’s team and she volunteers on a Walk planning committee. Meet Dawn in the video below:

Jim, volunteer (right)

Jim was the primary caregiver for his mother who had Alzheimer’s disease. He began volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association in Sacramento in 1992 – that’s right, this year marks 20 years of volunteering!

“Jim participates in every facet of the work of the Alzheimer’s Association,” said Michelle, director of the Alzheimer’s Association office in Sacramento. “If he had a volunteer title, it would have to be All Over All Star Volunteer.”

Jim can often be seen representing the Alzheimer’s Association at events throughout the Sacramento area, including community health fairs and places of business. He is a volunteer facilitator of a support group in Roseville and helps fill in at support groups when other facilitators are unavailable. He’s an active advocacy volunteer, he helps the office respond to media requests and he helps at Walk every year!

“Jim is caring, compassionate, and willing to chip in whenever we need him,” said Michelle. “He is such a fabulous representative and support of the Alzheimer’s Association – we’re very lucky he volunteers with us!”

Thanks to Dawn, Jim and all of our volunteers for helping us create a world without Alzheimer’s disease!

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